Withyfield Cottage

Jan 01

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year Everyone.

Our beautiful shingle roof was finished today. I hope you agree it looks stunning.

Alan & Janice


Dec 24


Christmas Update

Everything is going to plan with the cottage! The roof is almost complete, no thanks to the snow and ice. Huge thanks to Chris and this team for working on the shingles in all weathers and Christmas Eve. We think the roof looks stunning, if you are interested visit www.charcoalburners.co.uk/

When everyone comes back after Christmas it will be time to start playing with straw bales.

Happy Christmas everyone and thank you for following our build.

Dec 02


The latest news

Lots has happened here .

The roof, with it’s cedar shingles is complete on one side . Much work has been done on the veranda and we have our first booking for New Year ( 2012!)

The extreme weather has stopped work for the time being, although three of the team worked in the snow yesterday ( Thank you !)

Nov 01


Update on progress

It’s all go here!!

Everything seems to be going along quite nicely.

Floor joists are nearly done,wall plates are in position, rafters on one side are almost complete and the roofing team hope to start at the weekend.

Oct 03

The frame raising was a great success!

Eighty people,including workers,volunteers,friends and family helped and supported us through a long and very exciting day. THANK YOU EVERYBODY